The A To Z Of SFF: A Is For The Andromeda Strain

The story that broke Michael Crichton is a taut, sharp and intelligent bit of science-fiction. Unless you watch the badly-misjudged TV mini-series. Settle down and enjoy Clive’s epic rant on the AMAAAAZING climax that will have you looking at thumbs in a whole new way…

The A To Z Of SFF: A Is For Abiogenesis

Rob And Clive take a look at a neat little SF short that elegantly describes one way life on earth may have come about. Science in our science-fiction? Well, maybe just a tiny bit. We can’t be too educational, can we?


Check out the full film. All 4 minutes of it!


The A To Z Of SFF: A Is For Adam Adamant Lives!

60s espionage-adventure doesn’t get any more sparky, charming and downright fun than Adam Adamant Lives!

Join Rob and Clive as they don their cloaks, grab their sword-sticks and launch themselves into the fray in exploration of this great little dose of escapism from the golden age of Brit-TV.


Clive mentioned the peppy, parpy theme tune, which for some reason is excised from most CosmicYouTube uploads of the show. Here it is in all its glory…

and here’s the first episode.


The A To Z Of SFF: A Is For A For Andromeda

CycloMedia points Rob and Clive at a story about a supercomputer with a mysterious agenda. How very appropriate.
A For Andromeda is a classic piece of British TVSF that would be well worth your attention. If only there was a way to see it…

We Need To Talk About Ethan Hunt



[The following communique is rated HIGH RED SECRET. Access is approved for readers who have viewed the dramatised briefing on OPERATION ROGUE NATION. All other access is UNAUTHORISED, and will trigger the destruction of the communique in five seconds. Open at your own risk.]

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The A TO Z Of SFF: A Is For Attack Of The 50 Ft Woman


A stone classic from Rob, Clive and CycloMedia. With two different versions to choose from, what will our hapless crew make of the proto-feminist classic, Attack Of The 50 Ft Woman?

Those of you with a giantess fetish, front and centre, please…