Blatant pluggage

I’ve been involved in the making of a new horror movie for a little while now, and I’m incredibly pleased to note that the final trailer for that film, Blood and Roses, is now up on the official website. I’ve embedded the YouTube link below, but please do check out the site for decent quality versions.

It’s also worth looking at the associated site My First Movie for director Simon Aitken’s blog, where he extensively documents the troubles, trials and tribulations of getting a low-budget film from script to screen. It’s an honest and open account, and it’s inspiring and exhausting in equal measure. I count myself as a film-maker, but Simon’s one of the rare breed that’s gone out and made that mythical and more importantly marketable entity – the first feature. He’s off to Cannes in May to get it out to the world. It’s going to do really well.

Why? Well, it’s a dark, sexy exploration of betrayal and reinvention, fueled with an evil sense of humour and a vicious final scene that makes you twist uncomfortably in your chair at how much you’re agreeing with the nastiness being meted out on screen. With stand-out performances from thinking girl’s fancy Benjamin Green and Brit scream queen Marysia Kay, the best way I can describe it is Twilight for grown-ups. Seriously worth your time when it starts hitting the festivals this year.

Declaration of interest: I colourgraded Blood and Roses, and am currently working on the short Making of documentary. As Simon has mentioned here.

The photo accompanying the piece is of me, pretending to grade.

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