So Long, Dan O’Bannon

I was very sad to hear of the death last week of Dan O’Bannon, one of the greats of SF and horror cinema. As the co-writer of Alien, he gave us Ellen Ripley. With Total Recall, he wrote one of the best Philip K. Dick adaptations to make it onto the screen, and certainly the only one where Arnold Shwartzenegger pulls a tracking device the size of a tennis ball out of his nose. With Return Of The Living Dead, he hit the hat trick, with the first appearance of fast moving zombies, giving the genre one of it’s most enduring tropes (BRAAAINS!), as well as writing one of the best lines in horror movies to date.

And of course, he was there at the beginning of John Carpenter’s career, co-writing the script of Dark Star as well as starring as the nutzoid Sgt Pinbeck, whose battle with a rubber ball alien is one of the sheer joys of the movie.

Coilhouse has a fine tribute of clips and previews up for a man that has had a significant impact on the genre and movies I love the best.

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