Failed By The Translatorbots

This surreal little missive was shoved through our door yesterday. quiettosleep

Disturbing in a way that I can’t quite figure…

A Couple Of Treats

I’ve been busier than you think.

First up, I’m pleased to reveal the Making Of Code Grey, a little something I’ve called Cut The Blue Wire.

While we were shooting Code Grey, we were lucky enough to have the talented, handsome and charismatic Simon Aitken with us, shooting behind the scenes footage.

He was foolish enough to let me have said footage, from which I’ve cut together this promo.

GASP at how hunky Clive looks in a bulletproof vest!

GOGGLE at Flemming’s inspired lighting setups!

WINCE at Rob’s pitiful attempt at directorship!

DECIDE to go and watch something more interesting on YouTube instead.

No, wait, come back, dammit!

Secondly, I’ve begun updating Satan’s Schoolgirls again, following some honest to goodness unsolicited enthusiasm. I’ve closed out Part One, and I’ll try to get back into the flow of putting up a new episode every Sunday.

It’s worth a look. And from here, it only gets weirder…

Vagaries of the spoken language vol.

In no particular order, and as they come to me:

My dad does not ask if I’ve watched a particular TV show or listened to a particular album. He asks if I’ve “got involved” with them.

Despite the fact that I have called myself Rob for forever, most of my work collegues call me Roberto. This has happened at more than one place. The only difference was at the lab I left this summer, where for some unknown reason I became Robski. Go figure.

When newspaper columnists use the phrase “Here’s a tip”, you can guarantee the advice that follows will be 50% more condescending and irritating than usual.

Bragging rights

My room, last week. Yes, it's usually this dark.

A couple of things that I have been involved in at a professional level have been promoted in the press recently. I figured I’d do my little bit to promote them too.

Firstly, there was a piece in the Observer yesterday on The Crimson Wing, Disney’s first natural history film in over 40 years. The article focuses very strongly on the environmental message of the film, which is great as the edit I’ve seen treats the issue of the pollution of Lake Natron in a way that’s almost too subtle for my mind. It’s an amazing piece of work, shot over almost two years, and deserves your patronage.

Next, an article last week on the Guardian focussed on the latest installation from The Wilson Sisters. This must have been a blast to make, as Jane and Louise were given full access to the Kubrick Archive in their search for material pertaining to Aryan Papers, the film he never made despite months of intensive research. I’ve worked with the Wilsons for years, and find everything they do to be atmospheric and deeply involving. I’m a bit of a fan, so to able to work with them, and to find that they are charming, down to earth and funny is a huge bonus. This looks like it’s going to be a good one. Get your asses to the BFI this February.

Finally, check out Science and Islam tonight on BBC Four (or later through the iPlayer) as I worked on the second episode. A smart and thought-provoking series that’s well worth checking out.

There. I’m done showing off now…

Code Grey

At last, it’s done. More to come, including the making of, but for now just enjoy this. Also on the short film page, but I figured a straight up post might get more attention.

The 2008 Straight 8. Best crew ever, best idea ever, best actors ever, best film ever. Everyone involved in this nugget of cinematic history is a genius of the highest order, as well as being wildly sexy and drop dead glamourous.

A black and white film about colour. Nuff said.

A Small Burst Of Music

I’ve just done a wee behind-the-hood upgrade on X&HT. Music and video will become more prevalent on posts as I can now do them directly from the laptop.

All this means that Rob’s Sounds of the Year will be a multimedia treat for the New Year for you, beloved Readership, but in the meantime, enjoy this little number from Henry Rollins as a belated X&HTmas present.

Ho and furthermore ho.