The 2008 Straight 8. Best crew ever, best idea ever, best actors ever, best film ever. Everyone involved in this nugget of cinematic history is a genius of the highest order, as well as being wildly sexy and drop dead glamourous.

The winner of BEST UK FILM at the 2009 Cambridge Super 8 festival!
A black and white film about colour. Nuff said.


5 thoughts on “CODE GREY”

  1. Hello Rob,

    My name is Melanie Wilmink and I am the Festival Coordinator for the $100 Film Festival, a three day festival that showcases short, independent films on Super 8 and 16mm film. I am currently looking for submissions for our 18th Annual $100 Film Festival and I came across your work in the Cambridge Super 8 Film Festival. I was wondering if you’d be interested in submitting your work for consideration to the festival. Our festival is a unique event, which screens only short films, exclusively on film prints (Super 8 and 16mm). We charge no entry fees and pay artist fees for all works selected for exhibition. It is also a competitive festival, with several prizes.

    I was intrigued by some of your works and I and was hoping that you might have something new (finished after Dec 1, 07) that is finished to a film print. Would you would be interested in sending us a DVD screening copy of any works you would like to submit? For more information on the festival and for an entry form, please take a look at the festival website:

    Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, or if you can recommend other filmmakers or places to send information to. My e-mail address is I appreciate your time!

    Best regards,

    Melanie Wilmink
    Programming Coordinator
    The Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers

  2. Dear Rob,

    My name is Beth Haggerty, CEO and Founder of, a new social media site that is connecting fans and experts to share their passions and interests. I’m reaching out to you because myself and the Ology staff came across your blog, Excuses and Half Truths, and we really enjoy your opinionated approach about films. We’re launching a film project in the coming weeks with bloggers like The Movie Blog and The Film Experience and would love to have you involved.

    Our project is called Film Riot, and over the course of five weeks, we’ll be hosting themed conversations with talented bloggers such as yourself for film fans and fellow writers. We want to connect film audiences from blogs across the Internet as we approach the New Year, and know your expertise will add an exciting element to the community.

    Email us back if interested, and we’ll send you all the details of the project. We’re excited to have you and your followers on board, and anticipate great things from your involvement.

    Best Regards,

    Beth Haggerty
    CEO and Founder
    Ology Media

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