Venality And Greed

I lasted till half eight, then whoever it was with control over my nervous system jammed a thumb hard on the reset, and that was me cycled out for ten hours.

We rose, blinking, to a cloudy California Tuesday. Breakfast at a cheap diner, then shopping on Union Square and environs. Not a pretty sight, so I won’t elaborate. Suffice it to say we’re all stocked up for the winter now. Bags everywhere in our room.

We’ve found a good place for eats on Powell: Sear’s, which has been there since the 30’s, and gets regular queues outside for breakfasts, which are apparently legendary. I don’t queue for breakfast, so I wouldn’t know, but on the strength of their lunches I could well be tempted. The Pulled Pork Sandwich was possibly the manliest thing I’ve ever eaten. Sloppy barbeque in a bun. Half a dill pickle the only garnish. Deeeelish.

We’re back at the hotel now, chilling amongst our new treasures before venturing out for dinner. X is driving us out to Marin County tomorrow for views back across the Bay. Prepare yourselves for awe-inspiring photos.


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