Aaaaand They’re Off!

November already? Blimey. It’s been a busy 2007, but it doesn’t seem like a year since I wrote the first words of what would eventually become Satan’s Schoolgirls. And now here we are again. It’s NaNoWriMo season, and I am again obsessed with word count and the ever encroaching deadline of December the 1st.  This year, I’m giving an old short story the respect it deserves, and opening the world it contained up to closer examination. The story is The Prisoner Of Soho. It’s got magick, gang warfare, kerosene powered mecha and espresso-fuelled madness drooling off every page. You will need this story in your life. Trust me, I’m a writer. 

You can find ongoing word-countyness and choice cuts from the story as it develops by simply clicking on the PARTICIPANT icon to your right at the top of the page.
Yeah, by the way. The only reason I’m hammering it out so quickly is cos I’m at home with flu at the moment. Little to do except sit and write.  Trust me, that’ll change. By month’s end I’ll be panicking about the deadline just like everyone else. 
Shouts to my writing buddies this year, Clive and Rob. Good luck, guys, and just remember. Keep cranking it out.  

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