A creature of habit

My days are quite structured now.

I rise at 6AM, shower, have breakfast, peruse the headlines. At 6.45 Clare gets a cup of tea and a kiss. I am on my bike and cycling to the station by 6.55. I park up, snag a cappuccino no sugar from the AMT cart, and wander to platform 9 where the 7.10 to Paddington is waiting. I have a favourite seat, tucked right at the back in the corner, and because the train is almost empty at that point I have no problem getting it. 

This is my principal writing time of the day. In the hour it takes that slow train to reach London, I will have done the best part of a thousand words. 
At Paddington I take the underground into work. I no longer read the free paper as a way to kill the travel time. It annoys me too much. I read a book instead. Currently it’s Charlie Brooker’s Screenburn. It amuses me.
I then work all day.
On the train home, I will hopefully manage another 600 words. If I get on a train where I can’t get a seat, then that’s a half-hour wasted, so I pick my ride back with care. Once home, I will cook the evening meal, spend some agreeable downtime with Clare, before picking up the tail end of my wordcount and posting to the Nano forums. Then my brain will usually shut down. I will be in bed by 11PM.
Repeat until December 1st.
Ah, the creative life.   

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Writer. Film-maker. Cartoonist. Cook. Lover.

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