Back From The Dead

Hey, you. How’ve you been?

I know, I know. Don’t sulk. It’s been a tough month. I’ve posted when I can, and I feel I’ve neglected you some.
Still, it’s been worth it.
First things first.

Yeaaah, bitches. How you like me now? Fifty large in one short month. It was, as last year, a triumph of discipline over the urge to dork around pointlessly on the internet. it always felt good to load up new stats on the Nanowrimo page, and this year i got around to posting on the forums, making a few friends, keeping the challenge going. The astonishing thing was how much some of these guys could write. At the ThankGodItsOver regional meet last week, there were people sitting by me who had managed three times my total. Six figure writing stints. That’s somewhere in the region of five thousand words a day.

I managed four and a half one long Sunday, and ended up knackering my wrist and my keyboard. I know my pace, and I’m sticking to it.

i found the best place for non-distraction head-down poundage was the 7.10 from Reading to Paddington. A slow train, with no access to the net. Perfect. On a good day, I could have a thousand words done by the time I hit London.

So, I’ve done the fifty, and I’m only just halfway on the first draft. I’m having a tiny break, then continuing at a slower word count. With luck and a fair wind I should be done on the first draft by Christmas, a polish in the new year, then start setting up to market it. Just in time for Nano’s Script Frenzy in April.

Lord knows where this masochistic streak in me came from.

To all those that made their targets this November, to all those that fell along the way, to anyone that just decided to pick up a pen or sit at a keyboard and give it a go – brothers and sisters, I salute you. The quest to quench the creative urge is the most honourable one of all, and one that deserves a toast.

To the words, my friends. To all those damn words.


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