Interim Progress Report

There is movement on the many-headed front that is Rob’s 2008 creative push.

Following a highly successful meeting yesterday that saw the first professional reunion of the 3 Sick Puppies in 18 months, our Straight 8 project, Grey For Danger, is now officially GO. We now have a treatment, a DOP, a sound designer and composer, potentially a kick-ass location, and someone to build us a bomb. A prop bomb. Let me make that clear. A bomb with a heart of Fimo. A fake bomb. OK?
Shoot dates are still up in the air, but at the moment pencilled for the beginning of next month. Next week will see me and Clive nail down a script before we begin work on the voiceover that will form the narrative heart of the piece. That will take place next Saturday, the 16th.

Meanwhile, Decks, Dance and Videotape has developed an almost scary momentum. Dom interviewed Peter Hook last month, a high point for the project so far that I had to miss out on due to the explosive nature of my bottom at the time. However, we now have another shoot lined up with DJ Wayne Anthony. We’ve set up a location in Battersea, and a seriously cool prop – a yellow Lambourghini. Lord, we are so fly. This shoot will take place next Saturday, the 16th.

Have you noticed my minor scheduling snafu? Busiest Saturday EVAR.

In the meantime, work on The Prisoner Of Soho has slowed right down. There just isn’t the room at the moment. I think I’m just going to have to gird my loins and take the slow train into work, and use that dead hour. It’s the only way any writing will get done. I’m waaaay too distractified currently.

Oh, and I’m playing lots of guitar. And looking at buying a vintage amp. Because there’s no harm in looking, is there?


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