Starting NetNewsWire

Brent Simmons has written a detailed account of the decisions he made in designing the series of dialog boxes that pop up the first time you run NetNewsWire.

Although it’s written primarily for other programmers, his post is perfectly readable by the rest of us. It’s not so much about programming as it is about thinking carefully about users’ needs and expectations the first time they run a strange piece of software.

Based on the recommendations of a couple of online sources, and the fact that it’s now free, I thought I’d give NetNewsWire a go. And well, let’s just say I won’t be going back to using Google Reader anytime soon. Configurable, fast, easy to use, and when you tie it into a dedicated tool like Marsedit you have all the tools you need to turn you into a power blogger. Just look at the post rate for today…

(Via Sore Eyes.)


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