Here Comes The Hurdle

There’s always bloody something. Last year’s Straight8 was a farrago of rescripts, abrupt changes in personnel and wild changes in direction, approach and philosophy. Frankly, if I never have to go through that again, it’ll be too soon. This year, by comparison, has been pretty smooth sailing, and we’ve even managed to stick to the same idea. We were starting to feel bulletproof.

Last night our DOP dropped out.

This is a crushing disappointment. Gaul Pordon is a good friend of the Puppies, a great cameraman and a real asset to any shoot. But a paid job got in the way, and Clive and I could not in all conscience blame him. He’s given us fair warning. And it means we now get the chance to work with another, equally talented, equally cool cameraman. I’m thrilled that the mighty Flemming Jetmar is on board to shoot Gray For Danger for us, and I can’t wait to see how his crazed visual aesthetic will work matched to our vision.

Here’s hoping this is the only trap we have waiting for us…


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