It’s all getting a bit Creatively Common


Blimey. It’s been a bit of a week for the release of some very cool stuff for very little moolah.

Firstly, REM will be streaming the new album Accelerate on Facebook, of all places, for a week before it hits the racks, and they’ve been streaming footage from various live sessions in remixable formats on a couple of sites – Ninety Nights and SUPERNATURALSUPERSERIOUS.COM. The new single’s great, and I’m genuinely excited about the new material.

Next, a long-time obsession of mine, R Steven’s Diesel Sweeties, is going Creative Commons on your ass, and every webcomic to date is being released as a set of ten PDFs. The first one’s up on the site now, and I can’t really recommend it highly enough for all your robot/pornstar romance needs.

Of course, let’s not forget about Nine Inch Nails. Trent Raznor has released Ghosts in a number of formats, including a free squirt of the first 9 tracks. According to reports, he’s already made as much on this venture as he would on a traditionally released CD.

There’s a fascinating post based around the Long Tail theory up on Kevin Kelly’s blog at the mo, 1000 True Fans, which seems a fairly decent and straightforward explanation as to how this new economy can work.

Oh, and I hope you’re all checking out Freakangels. If not, the portal is to your right…


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