It’s A Nation Nation

First Blake’s Seven. Now Survivors is being retooled!

BBC Drama Productions has acquired the rights from the Terry Nation Estate to develop the Seventies drama series Survivors, it was announced today by Jane Tranter, BBC Controller, Fiction.
Set in the present day, the new series will be written by Adrian Hodges (Ruby In The Smoke, Shadow In The North, Charles II and Primeval) for transmission on BBC One.

Looks like The Galactica/Who effect is trickling down to some of the more interesting 70’s shows. Who’s up for a Sapphire and Steel reboot?

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One thought on “It’s A Nation Nation”

  1. no thanks ‘cos that was well scary – i lost sleep over that show! chris fully believes you are super and not standard but carol wonders whether you are long play or short play.

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