Links For A Lazy Bank Holiday

God almighty, it’s filthy weather out there. Any thoughts I had about doing some gardening have been washed away in the face of the battering the world’s getting outside my window. Time to settle back with the Blackbook and indulge in a little light reading.

Reason Magazine has a fascinating interview up with Ed Burns, one of the prime movers on The Wire, probably the best TV show evar. He skewers the War On Drugs with alacrity, anger and a twist of humour. Which is pretty much what The Wire did over it’s five seasons.

Further to the announcement earlier in the week of the death of Will Elder, The Comics Journal has reprinted a massive interview they did with the man himself back in 2003. There’s insightful and intelligent discussion on the precariousness of the comics business in the 50s and 60s, and Will’s warmth and humour shine brightly all the way through. Lots of reprints of his artwork too, including some old friends like Mickey Rodent and Shermlock Shomes that I hadn’t seen in years. If you’re a fan of comics at all, I really can’t recommend this highly enough.

And finally, Futurismic have done a good’un with their weekly list of free fiction. Andre Norton, Joe R. Lansdale, and lots lots more. That should keep you going for a while.

Now, stop bothering me. Can’t you see I’m trying to read here?

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