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Saw this the other day on the tube, and got unfeasibly excited at the idea of Paul Pope drawing Tank Girl, and that prospect being advertised on massive billboards.


It was, of course, not to be. I have no clue what the show the poster’s advertising will be like, but I have no doubt that it won’t be anything like as cool as this image.

Incidentally, I’m pretty excited about the return of Tank Girl to UK news-stands, as she finds a new home in the Judge Dredd Megazine. Rufus Dayglo’s art has a rough-hewn Hewlett quality that I find most pleasing. Alan Martin in particular seems chuffed that the Girl is back in a British magazine, and I can only concur. The Ashley Wood stories that came out earlier in the year were fine in their way, but they seemed to be dicking with a winning formula, in much the same way as the abortive Rachel Talaly movie. The new story, Skidmarks, harkens back to the Gumball 3000 strip back in the Deadline days. I could well find myself investing…

More coolness, from A Softer World. The perfect browse for a Sunday afternoon.

Baby Doom
Baby Doom

And finally for now, a response to possible-Vice-Pres Bookburnin’ Palin from the guys at Tales From The Crypt. I’ll try to get hold of more comix versions of The Hockey Mom From Hell over the next week or so. She seems to be galvanising the comic community in ways I’ve not seen since the golden age of Thatcher. She’s just so easy to hate…

Burn Baby Burn.
Burn Baby Burn.

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