The Friday Foto: Double Rainbow

It was perfect rainbow weather as I arrived back into Reading from work last night, and this towering beauty popped up obligingly. It’s emerging from the top of One Reading Central, the home of Yell. Follow the curve, and it’ll take you pretty much back to X&HTowers.

Just glorious.



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2 thoughts on “The Friday Foto: Double Rainbow”

    1. Rich:

      That was taken using the Camera+ app on my iPhone 4. Tweaked a bit to bring up detail and sharpness.

      I tend to use the phone, as it’s always with me and to hand. I’m a great believer in the adage that the best camera is the camera you have with you.

      Camera+ and Hipsamatic are my photo apps of choice, and I use them interchangeably depending on mood and subject. I’m observational rather than deliberately seeking out subjects, so the phone suits me just fine. I honestly don’t think I’d get the use out if a standalone camera anymore.

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