A reading in Reading for Z-Day

Next Saturday, you have the chance to see me in public, reading from one of my Dead Files stories.

As 2012 shapes up to be one of my best years ever as an indie author, I’m about to pass another milestone: the public reading. As part of Battle Library in Reading’s Z-Day, a celebration of all things zombie, I’ve answered the call to share my work with you lucky, lucky people.

I plan to read the opening section from my Dead Files Vol. 1 story, The Key To The Gates Of Hell. It’s a neat, self-contained bit that hopefully should leave people wanting more. Who knows? It’s an exciting moment for me. I could be reading in front of literally dozens of people.

The event is also a chance to meet up with some of my fellow Dead Files authors. L.A. Hamilton and Jethro Jessop have both said they’ll be there, and I’m hopeful for an appearance from the man that started it all, the mighty Sarge. Dependent, of course, on his other zombie related responsibilities.

Whatever else happens, it promises to be a fun day, and tickets are going fast. Can I see any of you there?

Z-Day is held at Battle Library, Oxford Road, Reading on Saturday 24th November, from 11-4. I believe I’ll be reading sometime after lunch. More details on that once I have them. Tickets are £3, or £2 if you’re a member of Reading Borough Libraries.

For more info, check out the Facebook page which includes a couple of fun little promo videos for the event.

Zombie rights? PAH. Zombies have the right to suck on the hot end of my boomstick.

No, wait, let me rephrase that.


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