Sorbet Colonel

Last night, I finished my meal with a refreshing, traditionally Flemish dessert: Sorbet Colonel. It's light, simple, and surprisingly easy to recreate at home.

Take a chilled ice cream glass, one of those flutey numbers that looks like a frilled petticoat in motion. Half fill it with vodka. Top with two scoops of lemon sorbet. Eat, feeling the chill of the ice play enticingly against the burn of the raw alcohol. You'll end up with a cold slurry of molten sorbet mix and vodka in the bottom of the glass. It's perfectly acceptable to drink this off while loudly declaiming a toast to The Colonel, whoever he may be. Well, I hope it's acceptable, because that's what we did.


Greetings from Bruges, where booze is part of the culture, history and religion of the city, as well as being the national sport. Sköl!



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