A New Beginning

Sometimes, you need to change things around a bit. Declutter, slap some paint around, try the sofa up against the opposite wall. Sometimes, you realise that just won’t cut it, and it’s actually time to up sticks and move somewhere new. 

That’s what’s just happened to me and my old blog, The Ugly Truth. It simply wasn’t doing the job I needed it to do anymore, and I was posting less and less. I was frustrated by it’s limitations, and some of the offline shortcuts I’d put in place stopped working. The time had come to change up, buy a domain and do a proper website. 

X&HT is the result. I’m pretty pleased with it. I hope you’ll like it too.

A little background for any new visitors. My name is Rob, and when I’m not working for a post-production facility in Soho’s bleeding heart, I write and make films.

...as seen on a wanted poster, yesterday.

Our hero, as seen on a wanted poster, yesterday.

Hope you like it here. I think I will.

Clap, Slap and Tickle

[mixwit_mixtape wid=”759b2c6f6c14f6393c6cd85e4a2e38df” pid=”d69fa11d6ef78a98d1ca86376b05163b” un=”RobWickings” width=”426″ height=”327″ center=”true”]

By way of a musical introduction, please enjoy a mix created, if not especially for the site, one that seems to suit the general mood and feel I’d like to inspire.

And no-one can tell me the Ting Tings didn’t write the greatest skipping song of the decade after watching their topsmart performance at Reading last weekend…

A post to melt your brains

Herzog, Lynch team up: ” 

CANNES – Werner Herzog and David Lynch are teaming for My Son, My Son, a horror-tinged murder drama based on a true story.

Herzog and his longtime assistant director Herbert Golder co-wrote the film, loosely based on the true story of a San Diego man who acts out a Sophocles play in his mind and kills his mother with a sword. The low-budget feature will flash back and forth from the murder scene to the disturbed man’s story.

And the news only gets weirder from there, people…

(Via Coilhouse.)