Short Films

The Gourmand

For the full, shocking story of the making of this film, click here.

2007’s Straight 8, a Sick Puppy joint co-everythinged by Clive Ashenden and I. I still find it disturbing that Clive took very little persuading into the role of the meat, and how eager he was to thoroughly exfoliate for the part.

Listen: A Silent Film About Sound

My first Straight 8, filmed in and around my mate Kevin’s back garden in Potter’s Bar in 2003.

Clive’s in there as well, of course. Notice also the sterling performance of the beautiful and talented Clare Wickings. She’s got a killer left, that I found out all about when I made the suggestion not to fake a slap and do it for real. It may be a silent film, but I swear you can hear my ears ringing afterwards.

This was up on the Straight8 site for a while, was screened in Germany, and I’m convinced is the reason that all Straight8 films have to provide a soundtrack now.

Four Lies

My first film. Shot and cut in a single day, 31st July 2002.  Written in the two days prior to that point. Yeah, the performance is a bit shonky, the framework and idea is shaky as all getout, but it’s mine all mine and I’m proud of the writing, and the fact that I could get an idea up and out so quickly and easily. I will never work like that again, and to be frank, with YouTube, I don’t need to.

Entered for Raindance that year. Didn’t get within a country mile of a screening.

Snatching Time

Shot for the Halloween 48 hour film challenge in 2005. This was the point where Clive and I realised that we could make films together, and the birthplace of the Sick Puppies. Check the full story here. I co-wrote this, and if you look very carefully, you may just see me in a cameo role. My credit gets a laugh every time it’s shown.

Clive, you’re a git.

Decks Dance and Videotape

This is a trailer for an upcoming documentary on the Acid House scene of the late 80’s, put together by film-maker Dominic Wade and I. Interviewees so far include Slipmatt, Mark Archer of Altern8, Andy from 808 State, New Order’s Peter Hook, party organiser par excellence Wayne Anthony and scene archivist Scott Barnbrook. We’re hoping for something rather special to come out of this…


The 2008 Straight 8. Best crew ever, best idea ever, best actors ever, best film ever. Everyone involved in this nugget of cinematic history is a genius of the highest order, as well as being wildly sexy and drop dead glamourous.
A black and white film about colour. Nuff said.


or The Making Of Code Grey

While we were shooting Code Grey, we were lucky enough to have the talented, handsome and charismatic Simon Aitken with us, shooting behind the scenes footage.

He was foolish enough to let me have said footage, from which I’ve cut together this promo.

GASP at how hunky Clive looks in a bulletproof vest!

GOGGLE at Flemming’s inspired lighting setups!

WINCE at Rob’s pitiful attempt at directorship!

DECIDE to go and watch something more interesting on YouTube instead.

No, wait, come back, dammit!

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