Rice Boy


Following a recommendation from Katherine Farmer at the Forbidden Planet Blog, I’ve just spent the morning reading Evan Dahm’s Rice Boy.

It’s an extraordinary, surreal, moving and thoughtful tale, telling the story of the titular Rice Boy, a limbless, mushroom-like blob, and his quest to prevent a war and save his world.

The artwork is lush, while still remaining accessibly cartoony, and the story twists and turns, leading to an epic climax with a twist that I genuinely couldn’t see coming. I’m reminded in a very good way of Lewis Trondheim’s Donjon books. It’s a genuinely all-ages story, with enough to keep an inquisitively-minded reader absorbed for hours. I really can’t recommend it highly enough.

The good news is that while you can read Rice Boy for free on Evan’s site, you can also now buy it in a lush hard back edition with tons of extras. For 18 quid, it looks like a bit of a bargain, and a perfect example of the new try-before-you-buy self-publishing model that I’ve banged on about in the past before.

Speaking of which, the trade of the first arc of Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield’s Freakangels is out soon…

(Via Forbidden Planet.)