The Speakeasy: Literary Edition, June 2013

In the Literary Edition of the Speakeasy, we look at Chris Beckett’s Arthur. C. Clarke-award winning novel, Dark Eden. We consider the ups, downs and sideways of self-publishing, and Rob shamelessly plugs all his works. And of course, we have recommendations for you of fun stuff to read, particularly if you’re into story theory or the confessions of a tabloid journalist.

Recorded in a proper, top-end studio, with over 100 “ums”, “ers” “you knows” and uncomfortable silences edited out, this is the most professional-sounding Speakeasy yet! How can you possibly resist? Plug in your headphones and let Clive and I whisper sweet nothings deep into your earholes. Any suggestions? Stick ’em in the comments form below.


Dark Eden by Chris Beckett

Rob’s Collected Works

The Inkslingers Bookstore

Tony Ashenden’s Tales Of Bellerophon

Diaries Of A Fleet Street Fox

Into The Woods


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