The Ugly Truth about The Future

Observant readers to the blog may have noticed the absence of the usual Top Ten Retrospective List of 2007 Countdown List. Frankly, what’s the point? I’ve listed all the stuff I liked in my “This Years Loves” sidebar (updated and being closed out for springcleaning in a week or so, so if you are interested in my tastes, check the sidebar) and I don’t think the world needs yet another blog whittering pointlessly about old headlines. I am a futurist. Thusly, I will whitter pointlessly about stuff that hasn’t happened yet.

I are therefore looking forward to:

FINISHING THE NOVEL: I’ve sidelined the writing a little bit over the last month, as the old social life has got in the way. I’ll be back next week, hammering away at least a grand a day until first draft is done. Then polishing. Which should see me through until April. Just in time for:

SCRIPT FRENZY: NaNoWriMo’s scriptwriting challenge is simple enough, in the same way that the guillotine is a simple yet efficient machine. A feature-length script of at least 90 pages in a month. I have at least five ideas that would benefit from the cleansing wash of a first draft. The RSI should be in remission by then, and will need refreshing.

STRAIGHT 8: Yep, doing it again this spring. For those new to the concept, it’s a challenge whereby a short film is made in camera, in sequence, on a single roll of Super 8 without a sync soundtrack. It’s absurdly exhilarating. Raw creativity with all the mistakes and fumbles there in the final piece. When Straight 8 works, when talented film-makers get together and start sparking off each other, the end result can be a thing of beauty. Again, I have a couple of ideas, but I’m thinking on a new direction for this one – not fiction, in other words.

DANCE, DECKS & VIDEOTAPE: the work on Dom Wade’s dance music documentary continues apace, with an exciting interviewee ready to go in front of the cameras in the next week or so. Then we move on to the cutting of a promo, with the express intention of getting some funding for the bugger. Three years in the making so far, and we’re pushing to get something more solid out to people in 2008. And on the subject of promotional activities…

ROB’S WRITING WEBSITE: I used to have a showcase on Tripod for some of my short writing, and I’m planning on expanding that concept to include a more focussed picture of my capabilities as a writer and film-maker. By the looks of what I have planned in the spring, expect this for the second quarter of 2008. It will include downloadable PDF’s of the best of my short fiction, and the chance to buy proper copies of the novels. This has been banging around in my head for a while now, and the examples of writers like Cory Doctorow, Charles Stross and the whole Radiohead thing make me think that this is an increasingly viable option. Up with the Creative Commons licensing!

AND IN THE GAPS: the blasted wasteland of the veg patch needs a fairly drastic rethink, and to be frank a lot more attention than it got in 07. I’m sick of writing the phrase “little and often” in the blog at this time of year, but a couple of hours a week is really all it needs, and if I can light the fuse of the rocket up my arse, I see no reason why this should not happen.

There will also be more focus on guitar playing this year. Ruby remains one of the joys of my life, and a thrashed A minor chord is a pretty good cure for mopage.

Oh, and I need to catch up on things like The Wire (squee! season 5! boo! season last!) Galactica (squee! season 4! boo! season last!) Lost (ho hum. however, Kate, therefore muted squee) and Heroes. Thank fck for the Writer’s Strike. I don’t think I can cope with any new product. Except Doctor Who. There’s always room for Doctor Who. And Torchwood, I s’pose, although there had better be some game raising, and any attempt to get fish-faced Owen off with the fragrant Martha Jones will be met with retching noises and large heavy objects being flung. There’s no need for it, really there’s not.

And this is before the bumper year in films and music coming up, the work on the front room we’re starting in the next couple of weeks, the ongoing project to get all the CDs onto hard drive for wireless music through the house, Clare’s BIG birthday, a trip to Finland, the godfathering ritual with my new nephew Connor in the middle of this month and all the stuff I haven’t even thought of yet!

And somewhere in the middle of all that, I still have to fit in the odd post to the blog.

Just as well I hate being bored, isn’t it?


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