The Ugly Truth about the iPhone

Some of you may be aware (by the fact that I’ve talked your head off about it) that Clare and I bought each other iPhones for Christmas. It was a no-brainer of a choice for me. I was coming to the end of an 18 month Vodafone contract, and the iPhone addressed at least five of the major issues I’d had with mobile phones ever since I’d bought my first Motorola, a Startac, back in the early 90s. For Clare, it was more of a love at first sight thing.
We’ve now had the devices for a couple of months, and it’s been an interesting relationship. We’ve had to upgrade Clare’s iBook to Tiger, and mess around with some preferences to get the Phone to talk to iTunes. We’ve found that, while for the most part it’s an extraordinary, life-affirming device, there are things about it that piss us off heartily. However, the firmware upgrade earlier this month has sorted out at least one of these, and the upcoming release of the SDK will doubtless do more. So, here’s my wishlist of the features the iPhone needs to turn it into the perfect mbile device.

1) SMS
Still not available, and I’m dumbfounded as to why that should be. OK, you can email photos, but that doesn’t help if you want to text a quick shot of your knob to a mate who’s been taking the mickey. You know, in the spirit of lively matey banter. Emailing a shot of my knob to him turns the relationship into something entirely other.

Again, you can email notes, but why should you have to? If calenders and contacts can be synced to your home machine without having to think about it, why should you not be able to export Notes to a dedicated Documents folder? They’re only .rtf files, after all!

3) PDFs
I want to be able to treat text files on my phone in the same way as music and photos. I want to be able to download, store and read PDFs on my phone. I do not think I want the moon on a stick by asking for these.

Now, I’m aware that these may be available already on a jailbroken phone, but frankly that’s a step I don’t want to take. Running the risk of having a bricked phone when most of the functionality I’m after is probably only a month from an official release seems a bit short-sighted. So, if there are any developers reading this, any of the above will make for one happy punter. Thank you.


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