Like Amy Said…

What fuckery is this? Some prime examples of the form came to light today, and the need to jump up and down and yell about them is just too strong.

First up, anti ID register group No2ID has released a Government working paper on strategies for the future rollout of a national identity card. From a quick first reading of the document in question, it looks like people’s fears that an ID card is the early stage into a full blown “database state” could be justified. It’s certainly full of fairly horrific euphemisms and management-speak that describe full-on assaults on privacy and identity control.

The full PDF of the document is here, and I exhort you to read it. I hold a UK passport that’s fully compliant with all border control standards. What exactly is the point to a new national identity scheme that by the looks of it will be expensive, unwieldily and ineffective?

Next. Mildred Von, creator of one of my regular online reads Coilhouse, has posted on LiveJournal about her partner Diz, who has been arrested and imprisoned in Dubai. By the looks of it, his crimes are being in possession of long hair, Asiatic features and melatonin – none of which are illegal in Dubai. Here’s the post. I’m not sure what’s more heartbreaking – the blatant arrogance and disregard for basic human rights, or the good humour and grace with which Matilda and Diz are dealing with the horrible, horrible situation. I wish them a swift reunion, and a plague of boils on the fuckwads that have put these innocent, law-abiding people through this crap.

Lastly, let’s offer a shout out to the California Supreme Court (I’m thinking “go play in traffic, knobends” works well) who have ruled that employers can legally dismiss marijuana users, even if they’re taking the drug in compliance with the Compassionate Use Act, they’re off duty and it’s not affecting performance at work. The ruling beggars belief for it’s lack of compassion, and flies in the face of any kind of logic or sense. Especially when you take into consideration that under the Compassionate Use act, users can now buy the drug from vending machines. On a day which seems to have a distinct lack of joined-up thinking, this is a particularly wild scribble on the crumpled shirt of sanity.


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