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Damn, I’m good. Don’t take my word for it. Clare was full of praise for the repast I put in front of her tonight, which has been simmering in the lizard part of my brain for the last few days. It’s poshed up fish and rice, basically, making the most of cheap ingredients. And the spec is so loose that you could take this meal up or down town depending on the mood.

We’re talking fishcakes, essentially. Not the bready British version, but something closer to the Thai take on the dish.

A staple of the Casa De LA Verdad Fea freezer is a bag of frozen salmon fillets. They’re fine for curries, fish stews and the like, but you wouldn’t want them as a star of the dish. So tonight I blitzed three of them in the Magimax, with a spring onion and a dollop of pesto, shaped the resultant fragrant glop into little patties, firmed them in the fridge for half an hour, and griddled them. Served with Rob’s Patented Rice Thing (briefly, onion, garlic, peppers and mushrooms cooked in a little olive oil, then a cup of paella rice (long grain will do) a splash of wine and a pint of stock, simmered till thick and yumshious) and a dollop of yoghurt. Aces. You could add chili to the salmon, leave out the rice and serve them with flatbreads and salad, or just dip them in yoghurt as a snack. Or try them with tuna instaed of the salmon. Then you could make bigger patties, and have them as burgers (although frankly you’d be better off wrapping them in a flatbread with a spoonful of salsa). Or maybe even mackeral or a smoked white fish.

Take the basic idea and run with it. Free cooking.


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