Bragging rights

My room, last week. Yes, it's usually this dark.

A couple of things that I have been involved in at a professional level have been promoted in the press recently. I figured I’d do my little bit to promote them too.

Firstly, there was a piece in the Observer yesterday on The Crimson Wing, Disney’s first natural history film in over 40 years. The article focuses very strongly on the environmental message of the film, which is great as the edit I’ve seen treats the issue of the pollution of Lake Natron in a way that’s almost too subtle for my mind. It’s an amazing piece of work, shot over almost two years, and deserves your patronage.

Next, an article last week on the Guardian focussed on the latest installation from The Wilson Sisters. This must have been a blast to make, as Jane and Louise were given full access to the Kubrick Archive in their search for material pertaining to Aryan Papers, the film he never made despite months of intensive research. I’ve worked with the Wilsons for years, and find everything they do to be atmospheric and deeply involving. I’m a bit of a fan, so to able to work with them, and to find that they are charming, down to earth and funny is a huge bonus. This looks like it’s going to be a good one. Get your asses to the BFI this February.

Finally, check out Science and Islam tonight on BBC Four (or later through the iPlayer) as I worked on the second episode. A smart and thought-provoking series that’s well worth checking out.

There. I’m done showing off now…

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One thought on “Bragging rights”

  1. Thanks for mentioning the Kubrick Archive project. The Wilson’s film is looking fantastic, I can’t wait to see it installed in the BFI Southbank Gallery.

    And for anyone who’s reading this that can’t make it to the BFI, we’ll also be showing the film on our website from 12 February


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