A couple of scary toons

Leading on from the previous post, these two prime examples of the form are both beautifully made and deeply, wrongly disturbing.

The last shot of this one has stayed with me for a very long time. Lazy critics will call this Burtonesque, but I think it’s a lot darker-hearted than that. Burton always goes for the happy ending. There’s none of that in this.

I remember watching Harpya as part of a late night animation season on Channel Four years ago, and being so freaked out by it that it gave me bad dreams for weeks. Even now, I have no intention of watching it again. But I thought you might appreciate it, my brave Readership.


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One thought on “A couple of scary toons”

  1. Can’t even bring myself to press play!! If it scared the pants off you then I do not stand a chance. Took Elijah to see Coraline 3d today, what a fantastic film that was! Lovin’ those button eyes… Mr. Selick is an inspiration. xx

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