Things have happened and there is therefore news.

The fine folk at the Cambridge International Super 8 Festival have added Code Grey to their Best of the Fest touring roster. This has seen a selection of their most popular films screened in places as diverse as Hungary, France, Beijing and Weston Colville. It’s an honour to be a part of this rolling circus of goodies, and we’re deeply chuffed to have been asked. So who knows, perhaps you could soon see Code Grey on a big screen near you!

In the NO NEWS folder, we’re still waiting on a screening date for Time Out on this year’s Straight 8 screenings. All I can tell you currently is what’s been put on the Rushes Soho Shorts programme, which is that it will be screening on either the 27th or 29th at the Curzon Mayfair, or the 28th at the Renoir. All screenings start at 9.15. PROMISE, as soon as I know, there will be a breaking News Alert. I might even spring for a scrolling banner.

Finally, the Sick Puppies will be at Frightfest this year, Clive all weekend, me on the Saturday (Giallo! Pontypool! Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl!). No product to show, alas, just chillin with the horror community, and commiserating with our mate and X&HTeam-mate Simon Aitken, who didn’t make the deadline for this year with his excellent first feature, Blood And Roses. There’s always the Halloween all-nighter, though, right?

Right, I think that’s yer lot for now. How are you doing?

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