One Week Later

It would have been tempting to let the dust settle. It would have been easy just to try and get a little distance, to take a breath, to allow for a pause.

No. No, we shall not do that. There is work to be done, and the time to do it is right fucking here and right fucking now. We have a film to fix, and in the name of The God That Walks Between The Sprockets, we shall mend it and send it out into the world. This we promise, my friends. This we swear.

*sigh* OK, vent over. That needed doing. I feel better now. So, a progress report.

The film has been retransferred, and we have taken out the offending shot (the best part of ten seconds by Dom’s calculations) and resync…ered to the available soundtrack. The ending that we’d storyboarded is, of course, missing. We will have to sort out a half day of reshoots – although technically speaking as those shots never made it onto film in the first place I believe the word I’m looking for is pickups. The process has been complicated somewhat by the fact that Kiki has gone blonde. But this is OK. We shall deal in an appropriate, adult and manly fashion, and we shall not burst into tears.

Simon Aitken has a nicely objective view of the events at Straight 8 on his blog, which I urge you all to read.

The work continues. That is all.

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