The Cambridge Film Festival

FFA69F90-A908-4A9A-97FE-3A4B8F72A135.jpgWell, who’da thunk it. Code Grey will be screening at the 29th Cambridge Film Festival, as part of the Best of the Cambridge Super 8 Festival strand. It’s on the 25th of September at 1:30 in the afternoon. Here’s the whole programme.

This is an unexpected pleasure, and obviously very good news. I’m tempted to go down and show a bit of support, not the least because the rest of the programme looks downright intriguing. I’m especially interested to see how the documentary films work out.

Also, a browse through the schedule as a whole shows a lot of good stuff being screened, including the new Shane Meadows, Dominic Murphy’s excellent White Lightnin’, and some FrightFest alumni, including Pontypool and Hierro.

On the subject of Pontypool, the BBC World Service has released an audio version of the film on the iPlayer. This is not quite as weird as it sounds, as the film is set in a radio station, and is about the viral qualities of language. Get your headphones out for this one, people…

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