nano_09_blk_participant_120x240.pngIt’s November, and all over the world otherwise sane and normal souls are bent over laptops, hammering away at stories that up until now have lurked unwritten and unloved in corners and recesses of their hard-drives and notebooks.
It’s November, which for a community numbering over 100,000 people means one thing. It’s National Novel Writing Month. It’s time to write 50, 000 words in 30 days. It’s time to get that first draft done.
2009 is the fourth year I’ve done this. I’m the most prepared I’ve ever been. I have a story that is fully plotted and characters that are pretty well formed.
Traditionally this time of year is when my post rate to X&HT becomes even more erratic than usual. This year that will change. This year I’m posting everything I write for Nano on the site.
Please note a new tab on the header: PIRATES OF THE MOON: NANOWRIMO 2009. That is where each day’s word count will go as it’s finished. Call it a kind of online backup.
What you will see day on day is the raw output of the storytelling bits of my head. It might well be terrible. in fact it probably will be. It’s unfiltered, and will be full of cringeworthy dialogue, appaling metaphors, and barely understandable plot twists.
But, hey, I’m suffering this month. You may as well suffer with me.
Word count widgets will be going up on the site over the next day or so, along with someappropriate links to stuff that amuses me on the five minute’s web-browsing that I’ll manage to squeeze in each day.


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