The Halfway Point

…of the month, that is. Not the wordcount, which I’m pleased to report is… well, see for yourself. At the time of writing I am at the low thirty thousand mark.

Not the story either, which is looking to finish at the same kind of word count as Satan’s Schoolgirls. In other words, about 60,000 words, which is short but perfectly formed for a novel. Think the early novels of Elmore Leonard, or a lot of the classic pulp noirs. Or indeed the early novels of Robert Heinlein, which are the primary influence on “Pirates Of The Moon.” In the same way that I believe that 90 minutes is the perfect length for a film, I think 60 grand is the ideal word count for a quick cheap, fun book. The kind of story that Nanowrimo has always engendered in me.

So then, so far, so good. As usual, the story is moving and deepening in directions that I hadn’t considered when I was starting. The characters are taking over, doing and saying things that were never part of the plan. The villains have motives that I hadn’t considered. The heroes, especially my main character, the 14 year old space pilot Aurora Anderson, are more heroic and more human than I could have hoped.


I hope you’re having fun reading the first draft of the story. Because I’m having an absolute bloody BLAST writing it.


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