I’m in a little cottage in the middle of nowhere. It’s just me, TLC, lotsa beer and food and books and a thin whisper of a phone signal. Barely enough to let me blog on the phone. So updates will be short and intermittent until we can get back onto a wi-fi network at the weekend. Meantime, I’m using the time usefully, working on the third draft of a script, starting to dig into a rewrite of Pirates, and making another of my minute-long shorts. Keep an eye on the Twitter feed for up-to-the-minute word on my doings, including my attempt to work through every Norfolk-brewed beer. Which believe me, is going to be a tough prospect as there are at least sixty available. Craft brewing up here is undergoing a renaissance, which is good news for me and bad news for my liver.
See you when I get back.


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Writer. Film-maker. Cartoonist. Cook. Lover.

One thought on “Hiatus”

  1. I think you are more than capable. Sixty beers, Pah! (I would leave the arctic ale ’til last though! Then Claire can peel you off the floor, deposit you in your motor and run you home, where a hot throbbing signal will soon revive you).

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