What I Did On My Holidays Pt. 2

TLC and I are big on parks and gardens. We’re paid up members of the National Trust, and like to support the work that they and organisations like them do for the great British countryside.

One of our days out on our recent holiday to Norfolk was a visit to Sandringham, the Christmas retreat of the Royal Family. This was, as you’d expect, stunning. It goes to show what you can do with a decent budget, and it’s the first time that I’ve seen a point to the Civil List. It’s not the cheapest of days out, but it’s one with plenty to see and do, making it reasonable value for money.

We were there on a breezy, overcast day. That didn’t matter.


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One thought on “What I Did On My Holidays Pt. 2”

  1. amazing how the right music can make an innocently shot film of landscape,beauty and wildlife,and turn it into something quite spine-chilling and unnerving.

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