What We Did On Our Holidays: Coasting

I finally got around to cutting together the last of the films I shot while on hols in June. It’s the record of a day’s run around the North Norfolk coast. If you imagine East Anglia looking like an ear, we did the top curve. The weather was wildly changeable, but when the sun came out it was quietly lovely. Wells at low tide is always fun, as grounded boats are scattered across the estuary. And the seafood is great.


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One thought on “What We Did On Our Holidays: Coasting”

  1. I love this. That is the best of your holiday videos by a long way. I think the marriage of music and image is brilliant. Maybe I’m biased because the seaside stuff reminded me of my home town, but for me that transcends its video blog/holiday memoir roots to stand up as a beautiful film in its own right. Excuse me while I go and watch it again…

    Did I mention that I loved it? 🙂


    FYI. Internet Explorer wouldn’t display the video – I had to open it up in Firefox to make it work.

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