The Sunday Lao Tzu – Enough

He who knows that enough is enough will always have enough.


I’ve got a bit of a nerve posting the above quote. I am in the top 1 per cent of the population of this blue marble we call home in terms of my standards of living. I am healthy, warm, well-fed, amongst people that I love, doing a job that I enjoy that comes with a decent income. For most of the planet, that would not be enough. That would be an unachievable dream.

Yet there are plenty still who would view what I have as not enough, as nowhere near. For those people, there can never really be enough. Watching Inside Job earlier in the week, I was struck by the greed and venality on display. The quest for greater and greater profit at the cost of worldwide financial misery was astonishing, and led me to wonder just what kind of vacuum these people were trying to fill.

I am content with what I have, because I understand my needs and live within them. I am incredibly lucky to be in that position. I realise it, and am hugely thankful for it. It’s important that we realise how few people have or get the idea of enough – and to do all that we can to bring everyone together into that happy place.


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