Those In Peril

I live on an island nation, a tiny scrap of land off the western coast of Europe. My life is comfortable, secure. I don’t think twice about where my morning coffee comes from, or the sugar I use to sweeten it. I don’t think about the petrol that drives the train that gets me to work in the morning. I simply assume that they will always be there.

But, as I’ve just said, I live on an island. And a lot of the goods and materials I depend on to get me through my day have to be imported. And as I live on an island, it makes sense for those goods to come in by sea.

In fact, 90% of all our imports come in via Britain’s ports. What, then, would happen if the ships and all the people on them suddenly … disappeared?

This powerful dystopian vision of a country rapidly starving to death comes from my good friend and long-time X&HTeam-mate Clive Ashenden. He’s no Leading Man here (although if you look carefully you’ll spot his cameo – just remember he has a thing for police uniforms). He wrote and directed this one. He’s done a great job.

The Vanished was made to help publicise Seafarers Awareness Week. Seafarers UK is the leading charity for the maritime community, and this event is designed to help raise awareness of everyone who earns their living from the sea. It’s a chance for us to learn more about their everyday challenges and risks, their welfare needs, and the vital work they do to keep this country going. They help members of the Royal Navy, Merchant Navy and fishing fleets and their families in times of trouble.

Seafarers Awareness Week is on from 6-12 June, and it’s worth your time to check out the events and donate to a very worthy cause.

We are a seafaring nation. Our strength, influence, and wealth has always been based on the sea. I think it’s worth remembering that for week in every year, and take the time to celebrate our maritime heritage, and those who risk their lives every day to keep us fed, warm and content.


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