Without Subtitles

Sticking to the Gallic theme, I’m pleased to announce that the last short film I graded is now complete. Without Subtitles is a Simon Aitken joint, a bitter shot of love, betrayal, deceit, and the cruelty of language.


It tells the story of John and his French girlfriend Muriel. Her English is not the greatest, so John decides to learn her native tongue in order to better understand her. It’s a decision that has unexpected consequences.

Shot on an intriguing mix of Canon 7D and iPhone 4S, the film looks great even if I do say so myself. Solid performances from Ben Green as the lovelorn John and Alior Cohen as Muriel help to seal the deal. Simon’s entered Without Subtitles for the Youtube Your Film Festival, and X&HT wishes him the best of luck.

He’s also been kind enough to share some exclusive hi-res stills for us, which I hope give a flavour of the film. More to come on this, including a link to the film itself, I’m sure.


Without Subtitles 01

Without Subtitles 02

Without Subtitles 03

Without Subtitles 04


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