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A couple of updates for you on current film projects. Finally, finally, a working drive with the full cut for Out Of Hours has landed in my grading suite. That’s the job for this afternoon, although to be frank there’s not a great deal to be done. Simon and Andy have done an astonishing job with their brace of GH2s and their secret blend of antique fast lenses and hidden menu-fu. In fact, the film already looks good enough that Clive has sent out screening copies to the Cannes judging panel before I’ve had a chance to get my mitts on it. From what I’ve seen, this could be a bit special.


Speaking of Simon and indeed a certain French film festival, if you’d like to see the film that Cannes refused to show and you’re in North London on Wednesday night, your luck’s in. Without Subtitles is screening as part of the Feast On Film event, at the Moors Bar in Crouch End. With a strong lineup that includes contributions from Out Of Hours alumni Xav Rodruguez and Keith Eyles, it should be a great night. Simon will be there to answer questions, and hey, I believe I’ll be around as well. Things kick off at 8, doors at 7.



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