The Saturday Tracks: Dead In Love

I wanted to try something a little different, in the interests of sharing my broad musical tastes with all-a-y’all. If nothing else, it’ll be a way of getting some quick and dirty postings up. I’ve been lax this week. There have been reasons for this. I choose not to share them.

Anyway. If you’ve been reading the blog for any length of time, you will know of my deep and enduring love for Spotify, the music streaming service. It’s all I use these days, excluding the odd few artists that have chosen not to make their work available. 99.5% of the music I love is on Spotify, and it’s a brilliant way of discovering new sounds.

I’ve been making and enjoying other people’s playlists on Spotify for a while. Indeed, one of the strengths of the service is using an app like ShareMyPlaylists to find intriguing and playful mixtapes on common or esoteric themes. I’m a regular contributor to virtual music festival Spotstock, a fun place for people to share their likes on a “stage” without the need for wellies, a pacamac and an over-priced hot dog.

Over the next few Saturdays, then, I want to share some of my playlists, or perhaps a song or album that has got me jumping around. You will, of course, need Spotify to listen to the tracks. It’s a free download that allows you a certain amount of free playback a month. I pay a fiver a month for unlimited, ad-free access to the service, and it’s money I never begrudge paying out.

First up, I would like to present a playlist of darkly gothic romance. I call it DEAD IN LOVE.

Black out the windows. It’s party time.


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