10 Years and 24 Hours

An anniversary has sneaked up on me, and I’m glad that I didn’t miss it. It was 10 years ago today that DocoDom and his Sancho Panza, Nick Porter, embarked on a Quixote-esque mission–to film continuously for 24 hours, with the intention of crafting a documentary from their experiences.

It would lead to something of a nervous breakdown for Dom, and something of a breakthrough for the pair of us. Seeing that he couldn’t cope with the huge job of crafting something coherent from the big pile of tapes, I took over the project, logging the rushes and finally cutting together a 42 minute show from the 20-odd hours of material. It would be the first time me and Dom worked together creatively, a partnership that continues happily to this day.

24 Hours In London is a curious object, a film about film-making, about the choices and the compromises you have to make when you’re on the streets with a camera. By turns philosophical, funny, surreal and moving, I think it still stands up as a document about London at a very defined point in time, and an insight into the unusual headspace that film-makers carve for themselves on location.
We were lucky enough to get it screened at the 2004 Raindance Festival, and I’m proud to present 24 Hours In London to you now.


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