My All Hallow’s Read: Satan’s Schoolgirls

The nights are creeping up on you, a villain with cruel intent and an ice-cold heart.
It’s light enough in the mornings now, but by 5 o’clock it’s dark outside–and the morning reprieve won’t last.

It’s not surprising that this time of year has it’s own smoky, intense flavour. We feel the need to light fires against the darkness, then snuggle indoors with a good book. Well, you do if you’re me, anyway.

I have something for you. A creepy tale of a school in the isolated north, a place of cruelty and disorder. A place that is haunted by a ghost that is hungry for vengeance. A place where the overthrow of one regime leads to something much, much worse.

Readership, I present to you, in association with Verse Publishing, my first novel. Satan’s Schoolgirls.

It’s available at the moment through Amazon as a Kindle download and paperback, with other formats and outlets to come. Please, do pick up a copy. It’s a perfect accompaniment to a cold dark night, a big chair and a glass of something warming to keep out the chills.

Buy the Kindle version of Satan’s Schoolgirls.

Buy the paperback version of Satan’s Schoolgirls.


Oh, and if you like to listen to a little light music while you read, I’ve crafted a Spotify soundtrack to go along with the book.


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