Soundtrack: Satan’s Schoolgirls

Satan schoolgirls

Satan’s Schoolgirls has a soundtrack, and I think you’ll like it!

One of the joys of Spotify, the excellent music streaming service, is the way that you can easily build up a playlist that suits any mood from the biggest music library going. You can even create your own soundtracks to creative works. This is becoming a bit of a thing in comics circles, with writers like Keiron Gillan and Matt Fraction crafting mood-appropriate playlists for books like Hawkeye and Young Avengers.

James Moran, writer of genre-shuffling films like Tower Block and Cockneys Vs. Zombies, uses playlists to get him in the right mood for pulling the first draft of a script together. For example, here’s a chunk of the “soundtrack” he used for CvZ. Note the double-hit of Chas & Dave.


(I recommend a read of his blog post on the writing process–full of handy tips and hints!)

I’ve been a fan of the virtual soundtrack for a while: the Readership may recall I’ve put one up on Spotify for a previous short story, Cerise Sauvage: A History. I find it’s a fun way of nailing the mood and feel of the piece. If it wasn’t such a nightmare for copyright, it would be fun to include soundtracks as official backmatter for the written word. They can be had, but it’s a rarity.

With that in mind, then, I wanted to showcase the unofficial soundtrack to Satan’s Schoolgirls. It’s designed to evoke the era and setting of the book, with occasional forays into character sketches and off-the-wall commentary. I’d love to know what you think.

Warning: contains Cliff.

(Cover image comes from Bobobabushka, who creates nesting dolls with attitude. Saw the pic and just couldn’t help myself!)


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