Two Books For Your April Pull-list

Some exciting news from Verse Publishing.

Wisely, they've held off on the announcement until April 2nd, just in case you thought this much good stuff all coming out at once was some kinda joke. But it's real. Verse are putting out two great new collections of fantasy and terror to send chills up your spine and thrills through your bones.

First up, The Dead Files hits Volume 4. After the (comparatively) light and fluffy fun stuff of the Xmas-themed Volume 3, we're serving up a thick slice of the dark stuff. With a roster made up of writers almost entirely new to the franchise, there's some striking and innovative work here exploring the coming Zpocalypse. We'll hear more from a lot of these fresh talents, for sure.


Next, expanding the remit, Verse Publishing is proud to present a steampunk anthology: Rivetgun. With a focus on longer stories, Rivetgun aims to explore the world of cogs, corsets and calamity in bold new ways. I have a tale in here, a dark fabe of colonialism and revolt amongst the stars entitled Zulu Station. Don't be swayed purely by my presence, Readership. There's a ton more steam-driven fun to be had in the pages of Rivetgun. (there's a jingle in there somewhere…)


Both anthologies are available as Kindle downloads right goddam now, with paperback editions coming later this week. Spread the word. Tell your friends. Spend a little money. Call it a springtime treat to yourself, to make the brighter days that little bit darker.

For more, and to check out the full range of books available from Verse Publishing, check out the website.



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