The September Speakeasy

Here we are and here we are and here we go…

AROOGAH! The September Speakeasy gets musical on your asses.

Our Fifty Second Flash Tracks Challenge is the fastest way of grabbing the info you need about the music we think you should be listening to RIGHT DARN NOW.

Rob reveals his secret past and present as a Big Country fan, and the boys unfeasibly decide to bring 20-sided dice into Studio 2 to sex things up a bit.

It can’t end well.


The Fifty Second Playlist:

and the two that aren’t Spotified, Mazzy Star and MDNGHT.

and some Big Country!

Harvest Home

The Seer

Peace In Our Time

One Great Thing

East Of Eden

King Of Emotion

Another Country

Look Away

Last Ship Sails



Save Me

Fields Of Fire

In A Big Country

In A Broken Promise Land


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One thought on “The September Speakeasy”

  1. The eagle-eyed (and eared) will have noticed there’s one track I reference that isn’t on either the spotify or soundcloud playlist. So here it is:

    I’d Rather Be Dead Than Be With You – GLASVEGAS:


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