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Now that the dust has settled post-Xmas and everyone’s yakking about Sherlock, we can take that all-important bit of critical distance and talk at length about Doctor Who. Seriously, one of these days when we talk about brevity being a necessity, we’re going to mean it. Not this month, though.

Rob and Clive are joined by film-maker and nu Who-hater Keith Eyles for a spin through the past and present of Doctor Who with, as befits a show with time travel at its core, the future.

Warning: contains gratuitous use of a sonic screwdriver.

Your links:

Keith Eyles webseries – Déméns

Facebook –

Episode 1 –

for all your sonic screwdriver needs!

Orchard Creek Toys –

Doctor Who

official BBC website –

official Worldwide website –

Doctor Who Classic episode guides:

‘The Aztecs’ (1st Doctor) –

‘The Mind Robber’ (2nd Doctor) –

‘Genesis of the Daleks’ (4th Doctor) –

‘City of Death’ (4th Doctor) –

‘Earthshock’ (5th Doctor) –

‘The Caves of Androzani’ (5th Doctor) –

‘The Trial of Timelord’ (6th Doctor)

pt1. ‘The Mysterious Planet’ –

pt2. ‘Mindwarp’ –

pt.3 ‘Terror of the Vervoids’ –

pt.4 ‘The Ultimate Foe’ –

‘The Happiness Patrol’ (7th Doctor) –

Watch ‘The Night of the Doctor’ online:

Doctor Who lists I referred to: – Every single Doctor who story ranked from Best to Worst –

L.M.Myles rebuttal list –

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Further study:

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Target novelisations –

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