Little Pal

Noodling around, trying and failing to do some writing this morning, I was distracted by a rattling, buzzing sound. Eventually, focus blown, I went to investigate.

This little fella was caught in the interior window gutter, banging against the glass. No idea what he is. I want to say a damselfly? Carefully, I scooped him out with a napkin. He tiptoed off the paper and onto my finger. Where he stayed, perfectly content for the next ten minutes.

We shared a moment of peace and quiet, a simple thing that somehow has more meaning in these complex times. Not worrying about the future, or the bills, or the virus. Wandering about, admiring the delicate filigree of his wings glinting in the sun while he cleaned his face with his front two legs.

Eventually I persuaded him onto one of the potato plants outside. He perched there for a moment before spinning away, engaging almost immediately in aerial combat (or maybe courting) with another of his kind.

An ordinary Thursday at work would never have offered me this moment. I’m grateful, whatever else happens, that unusual times can offer up a gentle encounter with my little pal.


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2 thoughts on “Little Pal”

  1. A damselfly for sure -it’s the mating season, they go on doing that until they die of exhaustion! Must be a do not message there….

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