Nell Thorne has been sent away.

Rebellious, disobedient, she has been sent to the strictest reform school there is: St. Annes School for Wayward Girls. Run by the sadistic Sister Serenity, Nell soon finds herself in trouble, and in danger. For something crueller and more evil than Serenity stalks the corridors of St. Anne’s, and for Nell and her new friends and enemies the appearance of the ghost known as Mother Mercy marks the start of their descent into a new kind of hell.

Lurid, manic and utterly deranged, Satan’s Schoolgirls takes pulp fiction cliches and twists them into something new and disturbing. If Dario Argento had directed The Belles Of St. Trinian’s, this is the story he’d film.

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4 thoughts on “SATAN’S SCHOOLGIRLS – A Novel”

    1. Hi, Reema. I’m really glad you’re enjoying Satan’s Schoolgirls. As you can probably tell by reading the blog, I’m working really hard on my latest story Pirates Of The Moon, and have had little time to update the chilling tale of the girls of St. Anne’s.
      However. I’m putting up a new chapter now for you, and if you can be patient I will be releasing the whole thing as a Creative Commons PDF in the New Year as part of my new venture!
      Thanks again for taking the time to write!

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